CI: Systems have been created to collect and analyze data in order to drive decision-making.
An Inquiry Into:
§ Forms of data collection
§ The purpose for creating and analyzing data
§ How data drives decision-making

Basic Excel Topics (Internet4Classrooms)
Representing Data
Data Resources Online: Internet4Classrooms

PROJECT DOCUMENTS: 'What's on the Minds of 5th Graders?'

REPRESENTING DATA: Infographic Examples:
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Bringing Infographics to Life
Information is Beautiful
NY Times Visualization Lab
Visual Graphing Tools
Free Tools to Make Infographics
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Data Analysis & Probability
Data Analysis & Probability 6-8

Top 5 Interactives
Best Resources for Creating Infographics
Graphs, Charts, & Infograpics
Making Excel Fun (LMnet)
Tools to Create Infographics
32 Tools to Create Different Diagrams